Understanding your ATO notice of assessment can change how your tax is calculated.  A Notice of Assessment (NOA) is generally issued by the ATO when individual tax return is lodged and assessed. If you have a myGov account, your NOA and tax receipt is sent to your myGov Inbox. You can view and print some NOA from the myGov Inbox.

If you require a copy of a current or previous income year NOA and you can’t locate it in your myGov Inbox.

What a NOA contains

Your notice of assessment (NOA) is the statement the ATO issue that explains how your tax assessment is calculated. Your NOA may show the amount of:

  • Tax you owe on your taxable income
  • Credit you may have for tax already paid during the income year
  • Tax you need to pay or your refund entitlement
  • Any excess private health reduction or refund thereon (if applicable)

When you receive your notice of assessment, you should check everything is correct.

Tax Debts

If you have a tax debt, check your NOA – it will include your payment advice and due date. Under the law, the ATO have a period of time to review your income tax return. During this time, they may increase or decrease the amount of tax payable or refundable on your initial NOA. This review period is normally 2 years, but in certain circumstances it can be 4 years.

When you will receive your NOA

The ATO will send your NOA to after your income tax return is processed. The processing timeframes the ATO aims for depends on the lodgement method you use. If you lodge:

  • online using myTax, – within 2 weeks
  • by paper, they aim for processing within 50 business days (10 weeks) from the date lodged (paper lodgements may take up to 7 weeks to show on the ATO systems)
  • through a tax agent – within 2 weeks

Why your tax return outcome may change in 2023

The outcome of your 2023 income tax return may be different than in previous income years. You may have a lower refund, or you may even receive a tax bill. Understanding your ATO notice of assessment and your income tax return outcome may change for any of the following reasons:

  • A tax offset you received previously is no longer available or you are no longer eligible for an offset – for example, the low- and middle-income tax offset ended on 30 June 2022
  • Your credit or refund has been offset against other debt – including debts on hold with the ATO or debts you have with other government agencies (for example, Centrelink)
  • Your income or deductions for the income year are different from previous income years
  • The ATO finds a difference between the details in your income tax return and the information they may receive through pre-fill data or their data matching program
  • You have not advised your payer of your study or training support loan and your income is above the minimum repayment threshold – this will result in a compulsory repayment amount
  • Some debts will not be applied to your income tax return until after it is lodged. This means your tax estimate in myTax or from your registered tax agent may not match your final tax outcome.

If you believe you will get a tax bill, it’s still important to lodge your tax return on time even if you can’t pay immediately.

If you think your NOA is wrong

Check all the details on your NOA with the details you submitted in your income tax return. If you made a mistake when completing your return, you can correct (amend) your income tax return.

You can dispute or object to your NOA if you are dissatisfied with it or if you disagree with the ATO’s decision to retain a refund. Generally, you must lodge your objection within the 2 year or 4 year amendment period, whichever applies to you.

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