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Camden Professionals is one of Perth’s leading property tax and small business specialist accounting firms

We specialise in property tax accounting, asset protection, investment structures and wealth & financial planning. For each of these fields, we have driven in-house experts, who consult with each other continuously. We look at a problem from multiple perspectives right from the start. This versatility is a great advantage: as a client, you have one contact person who oversees and coordinates the entire project. Internally, we call on our specialists for each domain.

Whether you’re just starting out or already own several properties, we can help you at all stages of your property investing journey

At Camden Professionals, our specialist property tax accountants in Perth are renowned for their reliable tax advice and property tax accounting services for property investors.

Do you need to SFC? - Strategic Financial Consultation

A SFC  is a holistic review of your wealth creation goals, taking into account issues around tax, asset protection, estate planning, finance and structures, to assist you in meeting your objectives.

Our SFC is a personalised accounting service designed to assist either aspiring or seasoned investors to review their financial situation and provide expert tax and accounting advice. Prior to your financial strategic consultation, your financial position and long term goals are reviewed by a Senior Advisor (submitted prior to the appointment) so as to maximise the consultation time that’s essentially forward thinking with an emphasis on practical next steps.

Have you ever considered why, despite your best efforts, your business is not making enough money?

We have put together a new guide to assist assist our clients/readers  to help you to better understand your current situation and priorities, what the future could look like and how to  create a plan to achieve your long-term business and personal goals.


Let’s get started

We offer a 10-minute no obligation consultation to existing property investors, first home buyers and small business owners who are looking at property investments, business and asset protection.