WA small to medium-sized businesses are set to receive $17,500 grant from the McGowan Government to help them recoup losses at this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting 20 July 2000, all qualified small to medium businesses will receive the grant automatically. There is no need to apply for this.

If you’re a business paying payroll tax with a payroll between $1 million and $4 million AUD, you are qualified and can expect to receive the grant.

Also, if you have tax changes or you have failed to register for payroll in 2018-19, you can still receive the $17,500 grant in the later part of 2020, provided your reconciled 2019-20 taxable wages meet the payroll requirement.

The government estimates about 7,400 small to medium businesses will benefit from the grant. All qualified business will receive the grant in check.

This grant is part of the McGowan Government’s $2.3 billion COVID-19 stimulus and relief package for households and small to medium businesses.

Other government financial support includes:

  • rent waived for six months for eligible tenants of buildings owned by Government agencies and trading enterprises;
  • other payroll tax relief including:
    • the payroll tax exemption threshold increase to $1 million brought forward by six months to July 1, 2020;
    • payments made under the Commonwealth Government’s JobKeeper scheme exempt from payroll tax; and
    • waived payroll tax between March 1 2020 and June 30, 2020 for businesses with Australia wide wages of less than $7.5 million;
  • a one-off $2,500 electricity credit available for small businesses and charities that consume less than 50 megawatt hours per annum;
  • waiving of licence fees for small businesses. These licence fees relate to trades, commercial fishing, tourism and liquor licence fees for restaurants and bars;
  • land tax grants for commercial landlords who reduce rent for small business tenants impacted by COVID-19;
  • tourism industry grants comprising of the Tourism Recovery Fund and the Tourism Business Survival Grant;
  • wastewater charges waived between May 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020 for businesses with four or more wastewater fixtures; and
  • Building Bonus package including:
    • $20,000 Building Bonus grant;
    • expansion of the existing off-the-plan 75 per cent transfer duty rebate to include multi-tier developments under construction; and
    • social housing investment to build, buy, renovate and maintain social housing across the State.

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